Music mixer for DJ's featuring three decks



djDecks is an application which allows you to mix a wide variety of audio formats what will help you because thanks to it you will not have to convert your audio files before mixing them.

Its intuitive interface allows novice users use it as well as advanced users because those who are using it for first times will use the basic features easily and the ones who are advanced will have a lot of features and settings to modify and power up their masterpieces.

Two or three audio tracks on screen at the same time, playing and mixing controls, triband equalizer, effect panel and several filters, that's what you'll enjoy when you'll install DjDecks.

Create loops, count the pulses per minute, decide what you want and have it done by djDecks. djDecks has a very advanced bpm detection that will help you synchronizing your songs.

If you want to get started and become a DJ download djDecks, if you are already a DJ, enjoy djDecks, it's really powerful.